Jamie Does – Visual Strategist

What would it be worth to you if you could dramatically increase breakthrough thinking in your strategy meetings?

Graphic Recording and Business Illustration do just that. How? Critical dialogue and group thinking is masterfully tracked and drawn real time, in a compelling and intuitive manner that aligns with our brains’ hardwiring.  This goes way beyond a picture is worth 1000 words.

One very real problem with meetings devoted to transformational change and strategic direction is that you never know for sure when you are going to have breakthroughs.  With the phenomenally fast pace of business today, that poses a significant risk to your business.


The power in this visual methodology allows teams to see things they didn’t see before, have major A-Ha moments, unleash energy and excitement in the room, get aligned and committed and truly understand the big picture and their role in it.

This experience is not reserved for “Back of the Napkin” moments at the bar or over dinner.

It is possible to have the Back of the Napkin experience every time.

Business Illustration is the essential missing ingredient that catalyzes this in your meetings. It is critical. It is foundational. Highly strategic, high-risk meetings without Visual Strategy will rarely get you what you need in our current business environment.

There’s a sweeping movement right now to tap the incredible value that visual methodologies bring to business strategy. Jamie recognized that value in 2003 and has been making huge differences in global organizations ever since.


CEO, Cisco Systems